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Thursday, June 30, 2005


I guess the jig is up! I have to confess, A Time and A Place and Jims Joint are both products of the same fertile, imaginative and highly successfully active and original ('whew') mind. (there was no way I could, in good conscience, add 'handsome' to that descriptive relation, although I wouldn't object if someone else did) ((nor would I be surprised))

I had to fess up because, last evening I was sitting here, copying a draft in note-pad to add to this blog when Chico, the Wonder Dog came in.

He looked at me,"Am I in there?" (dogs can't talk so I have to go by his 'looked at mes')
"No," I looked at him back and he rushed my leg and nipped me on my ankle. My left ankle. He then showed me more teeth than the low gear of a 20 speed transmission and they weren't pretty!

I fended him off with a cd I picked off the desk (it was, as it turned out, an up-grade to MS word and I didn't need it anymore since my computer will never again crash ~~ (those small squiggly lines are fingers-I didn't know how to cross them...use your imagination)

And Donna is beginning to look at me askance, wondering why I no longer read witty things to her from my posts and comments. (she enjoyed the power and attention she had being a critic) And, of course, she isn't often included much in this blog and she misses the comraderie of being included.

Anyway, there it is: I've now confessed and poured out my soul so we can go on from here! I wondered how long it would take, if ever, before anyone would recognize my unique writings and connect JJ to ATAAP. It finally happened one time (when Donna let it slip to Sandy-accidently) so there it is! You can (and may) do with it as you will!


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Blogger MonicaR said...

I was wondering what had happened to Jim's Joint.

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