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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Had a Dream Last Night...

I dreamed Chico the Wonder Dog went to Heaven to help God protect the dog section of Heaven that has the six by ten foot 'Short Dogs Only' lawn.

I dreamed I awoke in the morning after a fitful night of trying to sleep with a strange feeling that something was amiss. I felt anxious and sad and couldn't figure why at first. As usual, I watched for Chico the Wonder Dog to come to me and flop his ears back and forth to make a machine-gun sounding noise. He does that to get me fully awake and alert. When he didn't come, I arose and began looking around the house for him. I checked the back door, thinking he might have figured out a way to open it so he could go out without bothering anyone to let him out. (He's so thoughtful about things like that)

I remembered how he had figured out how to scrub up his own mess when he couldn't hold it any longer and peed on the floor.

I remembered how he figured out how to get the spot cleaner from under the sink and hold it just right and spray the spot he made then use a brush he got from under the sink to scrub it. Then drag a footstool over to the dirty clothes basket on the washing machine and get a dirty towel to blot out the spot. Then put everything back just as it was so I wouldn't notice anything had happened.

I thought about all the good advice he 'looked at' me. (Dogs have to 'look at' you because, as we all know, dogs can't talk)

I thought about all the times he came over to me when I was sitting down and raised up on his back legs and put his hands on my leg so I could scratch his back and rub his ears. It seemed like he did that about the same time I began to brood over some worry or imagined sleight from someone. It always made us both feel better. He was a very clever and thoughtful dog.

I thought about how he was always waiting in the door whenever Donna or I (or both of us) came home from somewhere. Even if we had been gone only a short time, he raced around the house with exuberance to show how happy he was to see us.

I remembered how Chico the Wonder Dog cried and softly howled when Donna left to go on a visit that would last a few days, like when she went to San Francisco to visit her sister. He seemed to know when she would be gone for more than a few hours.

I remember how he used to 'look at' me when I raised my voice at Donna during an argument. He always made sure I was watching him when he did that. He loved his adopted Mother deeply. (and he put up with me)

I began to feel panic when Chico the Wonder Dog didn't come to meet me as I came out of my dream.

Then I felt my throat start to choke up. My heart felt heavy and a dread came over me as a cloud began to mist my eyes. A deep sense of loss engulfed me and I swayed dizzily as a realization chiseled it's way into my consciousness. What??

It wasn't a dream. It's true. Our little boy has gone to Doggie Heaven to help God protect the six by ten foot patch of lawn that He planted there for Chico the Wonder Dog and all of his short friends. Chico the Wonder Dogs' spirit has gone to Heaven but he left his heart and love here with us.
Just as I came fully awake, I thought I saw an image of Chico the wonder Dog. He 'looked at me', "Don't be sad, we'll be back together someday," and he loudly flopped his ears and smiled.
Then, Chico the Wonder Dog was gone.



Blogger sandy said...

Sorry about Chico.

8:54 AM  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Oh - I'm so sorry about your loss of Chico. He was a good dog.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Stratu said...

Man, sorry to hear about Chico. He's gone to Wonder Dog Heaven though, for sure.

8:47 PM  

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