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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jam Session Time Again...

I meant to post this yesterday but lost it in 'notepad' so I'll just pretend today is yesterday.

Jam Session...

Donna is still in SF with her sister so I guess I'll go to the jam session without her.

It's not as much fun without Donna fussing at me. We usually spend time while we are driving to the session trying to figure what she'll sing when her turn comes up. This time I'll just sit quietly and listen to my Spanish lesson.

Chico the Wonder Dog is scratching on my leg. I keep telling him that I don't pick up dogs but he won't believe it.

He 'looks at' me, (he has to look at me because dogs can't talk)"Why won't you pick me up like Donna always does?"
I look at him, "I'm not Donna and I don't pick up dogs. What if you were a Great Dane instead of a Chihuahua? You'd break my back."

He looks at me, "What would you think about a nip on the ankle?"
I look at him,"...oops'...he's gone as if by magic. He's probably in his bed because he knows I can't go there. It's his sanctuary and off limits to me.

I'll sure be glad when Donna gets back home. It's been a long almost week.

(The jam session was fun but definately not the same without my best fan )



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