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Monday, June 12, 2006

Whatta Ya Gonna Do...

Donna went to the store yesterday to "look around." Sure she did. When she came back, she carried in a couple of small packages, not enough to need my help carrying, even though I offered. 'Strange,' I thought to myself. OK, maybe this time the bill will be inconsequential. Sure it will, I reiterated silently.

In a couple of moments (or 'minutes', whichever you prefer) I found something pressing outside and found myself walking out the back door. (which opens into the carport) At first nothing caught my attention. Then a furtive (I was
expecting the 'worst'-good word,
worst, as is 'furtive') glance downward from the stairwell (I've always wanted to use that word, 'stairwell') told me something that hadn't been there before was, indeed, there. (another great word) -'All right, cut the bull and get to the story!' OK.

It was a bundle of white, wire fencing. The sections were about a foot high so the entire package didn't weigh more than a few pounds so Donna hadn't, as she stated, needed my help carrying anything. She must have been tired, though, because she left it out of sight at the foot of the stairwell. (Actually, they are merely 'steps' but 'stairwell' sounds so much more impressive).... OK-OK, I'm getting there!

I axed her why she had bought this fence and she said, "To go around Chico the Wonder Dogs' lawn". I reminded her that the lawn already had a fence around it and she stated that the present fence was 'all crooked'. I queried, why not just straighten it and she retorted, 'because'. That was good enough for me and it made sense to her so I tucked the bundle of an entire ten foot fence under my right arm and carried it around the house to the lawn.

Chico the Wonder Dog looked the bundle over but was silent. Both Chico the Wonder Dog and I retired to the great room to watch a sporting event while Donna spent the next seventeen minutes building the fence.

In another while, we went out back to take a look. I was stunned speachless but Chico the Wonder Dog was not. "What the crap was this all about?" he 'looked' at me? (dogs have to 'look' at you because, as you know, they can't talk)
I looked back at him, "Donna needed something to do." He just shook his head and looked at me, "There was nothing wrong with the old fence. Next she'll want to plant the damn Yucca plant back here and it's got sharp spines sticking out on it." Then, with a shake of his head, Chico the Wonder Dog repaired to his bed.

And I went back inside to the toilet to, among other things, finish a crossword puzzle. Women,-go figure them.



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