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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We're Doin' It Again...

Well, here we are, batchin' it again! Chico the Wonder Dog and I are looking after things for a few days while Donna is with her sister in San Francisco. Janice, Donnas' sister, had to have a stint inserted into one of her veins.(or arteries) She got it done yesterday and is in recovery now.

Janice has an apartment in an apartment building and she said she wanted Donna to look after the place while she is in the hospital.
Actually, though, it was because she wanted her sister there with her for support and encouragement. I can't blame her for that. I guess everyone needs someone at one time or another. Most people, anyhow.

I got word my Aunt Lola Mae died a couple of days ago. She wasn't expected to die this soon. She was only about 89 years old and that's not really old for my mothers' side of the family.

She had a series of small strokes and I guess the last one did it. It's sad.

In the photo, the first lady on the left is Aunt Dessie, the second oldest girl.
The next is my Mother, the oldest child in their family.
The next lady is Aunt Lola Mae.
Then it's my Grandmother and Grandfather Johnson.
The guy in the back is Uncle Frank. This picture was taken in about 1949 in Modesto, California.

When I was born in Hondo, Texas, my Mom and Dad lived about a mile from Grandpa and Grandma Johnson, across a river. After I was born, mother was very weak (not surprising considering who she gave birth to-Yuk) so Aunt Lola came to our house every day and got the other kids off to school and took care of me until my older sister got home from school in the evening. She was, for all intents and purposes, a surrogate mother to me for the first six or so months. She always referred to me as "Her little boy."

It's a sad thing but I know she is in a better place.



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