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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Game Time...

Today's the day for shuffleboard. Some of the older folks (over 70) and I get together and play a wild game of shuffleboard.

It's the kind that is played on the floor, like bowling, only with a stick and a large puck. I used to be pretty good at the other kind of shuffleboard, the kind played on a table. I could hang 'em over the edge!

I went to this one the first time several weeks ago and (did you ever hear, "let the sucker win a few?) won real big (96 t0 17, hi and lo scores of four players) in my first game.
Well, that must have ticked off this old lady because the next time I got blanked. I wound up with 13. Bummer!

Today's gonna be different, tho'. Today I'm gonna really concentrate and cream 'em all!



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