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Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's Started...

It looks like the killing has started. What are these people thinking? Don't they know they are members of some nice families? Surely they have wives or mothers somewhere there. Why do they want to kill people who are trying to help them?

We have to face it. Some people are just bad. I hate to see people killed but I'm glad the police were there to protect the contractors. Someone will be sad now because a member of their family was killed. If it goes as usual, they will try to blame something or somebody for the deaths of the bad guys.

You people of New Orleans have to face it. The people who were trying to kill innocent people who were trying to help them are not victims of anything. No one caused the hurricane and no one forced those bad guys to act like terrorist killers.

Hurray for the police! Keep up the good work! Later...


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