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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How Long Do We Wait...Before It's Too Late...

How long should we wait to act? At what point are we transformed from a self defender to an aggressor? If someone says, "I'm going to beat the shit out of you with a cast iron bat," and begins to manufacture the cast iron bat, do we wait for the bat to be manufactured and the someone to pick it up and start toward us before we respond?

What then if the bat has a very long handle and the someone doesn't need to get very close to us to use the bat and harm us? Have we waited too long and now it's too late?

Or should we do as Israel has done in the past and find the factory where the bat is being manufacturing and send in a couple of F-15s to take the factory out?

Actually, I have been a little bit deceptive in my correspondence up 'till now. What I really mean is, "Let's not wait for Iran to finish the A-Bomb and use it on us (they'd have plenty of help from a few other countries I could name). Let's go on in and level the factory right now and worry about it later.

We don't have to wonder where Iran gets the technological knowledge to assemble a big one; Russia has been more than helpful to them with that little tidbit of information.

And China can and probably will furnish Iran with the long range missile guidance tehcnology (the same information China got from Bill Clinton) so the missiles can be sent from inside Iran.

I hate to be the one to say it but, there isn't going to be peace between the US and the Middle East countries. At least not as long as Islam rules those countries. That religion won't allow it. Did you notice, Jordan became a semi- ally only after they, too, were bombed by the terrorists. And I for one wouldn't put my trust in that country when it gets down to the nitty gritty.

Call me an agitator but, we have only two choices when it comes to any knid of relations with the Middle East. We can sit and wait and, eventually be attacked again by terrorists, Iranian or otherwise, or we can show our much superior strength and go ahead and do whatever is necessary to neutralize Iran and anyone else that becomes a danger to us. And if that is bombing the crap out of them, then so be it.

I think it's time for George W to answer the big mouth leader of Iran and tell him to cool it or we're coming in.I know some here in this country can't stand the idea of the US taking pre-emptive measures to deter foreign aggression but, so far, they haven't come up with any other answers to Iran's threats.

It's time to act right now before it's too late. In this day and age, if one turns the other cheek, the first blow will take off the entire head, cheeks and all. Besides, we need the oil.



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I agree.

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