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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yard Sale...

Mi Espousa (a little Mex lingo there for 'my wife')and I decided to have a yard sale. Well, as it goes, living in an adult mobile park, we can't have one here (even if we could, the old people who live here couldn't afford to buy anything) so we asked ourselves, "Selves, why not clean out all the junk from our two storage sheds and the spare bedroom, load it all up in our 3/4 ton (four door) short bed Turbo Charged, Cummins Powered,(with a jake brake) five speed transmissioned Dodge Ram Pickup Truck and haul the whole mess down to Modesto and let the kids have one there?"
And that's what we did.

It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate over the years. I remember thirteen years ago when we lived in Orland and I was driving a truck for a living, we (mi espousa, La Senora Donna and me) ((a bit more Mex lingo here)) decided to clean house. We had a storage shed and part of the two car garage and all the space above the rafters in the garage full of good stuff we 'couldn't do without'. (I know we couldn't do without that good stuff because we had tried to sell it two and three and six years earlier and decided to keep it because we'd probably need it someday soon)

Anyhow, before we moved from our house in Orland when I retired from my truck driving job, we did have a yard sale and did sell a bunch of stuff and made about three hundred bucks off it. The stuff we didn't sell went into our two sheds at our new home in this adult mobile park. The accumulation of more stuff in the storage space under the front porch of our new home and in the spare bedroom is another story.

Anyhow, (I really like that word) for two days we unloaded stuff from the storage sheds and the spare bedroom. A lot of stuff that was in the carport was just junk so we separated it from the 'good' stuff and I hauled it off to the dump.

Then the next day we loaded up all of yard sale stuff and my brother, Buddy, into the pickup truck and went to Modesto.

When we arrived at the home of a daughter, she and her husband and another daughter and her daughter were waiting for us with bated breath. My son-in-law had mentioned to me by telephone the day before that his computer wasn't working just right and asked if I'd take a look at it. Being a dedicated computer person, I agreed. So, while the women unloaded the truck, Mike and I repaired to the computer room and I immediately became absorbed in some heavy duty computering.

Things are a bit fuzzy after that. I really get absorbed when I become absorbed in computering. I know the truck got unloaded because it was empty when we went on to my sisters' house and, later, to another daughters' house to regale her 79 year old neighbor and his lady friend with songs and witty stories and spend the night.(this is all another story)

So, we got the stuff to Modesto all right and visited with our daughters and their families and my sister and her family. All in all, it was a very nice trip and visit and I'm happy we finally cleaned out the sheds (which, oddly enough, are almost full again)and the spare bedroom. Now we're waiting anxiously for news about the yard sale the kids planned on having. We're supposed to split whatever money is made from the sale. (yeah.., sure!)

Anyhow, I guess I should end this story and vacuum the bathroom rug, the one I always clean with the smaller, very efficient, light and easy to use, like brand new vacuum cleaner that we just took to Modesto; the one that is so good that one of the kids will probably keep rather than sell and I'll see it and wish I had it back every time we visit there. Bummer. I hope we get enough money from the yard sale to pay for the fuel we used going to and coming back from Modesto. (yeah..,sure,- again)

I need to transfer some pictures from my cell phone to the computer except I can't seem to find the usb connection for the phone. ...I wonder...hmm...
I guess we won't poach eggs anymore...Now where in heck is that weed killer sprayer..ummmm?



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