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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, You Axed For It! Shade Your Eyes!...

I hope this page is big enough to show the labor of two days worth of heavy duty gold panning!

There is more gold than you might think here. That coin is one of those rare silver dollars that were accidentally minted as a quarter. Now ain't that somethin'?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really, this is still so interesting. I do see that the amount that you take in is not really worth much monetary value; however, I still think that it would be an interesting family day. I bet that the kids would love it! Whining all day about the water being too cold, the sun being too hot, it not really being any fun for them, that they were hungry, bored, thirsty, tired... But still, I bet that in twenty years they would look back and recall how nice a day it is and by that time, of course, my husband and I would have already long recovered the trauma of the family trip - and we could gently remind them, what a total pain in the arse kids are!
Laura Canuck

10:14 AM  

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