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Sunday, June 10, 2007

High Intensity Training Program...

I was cleaning out my desk and came across this notice I got from a supervisor where I worked at one time. I think it's quite uplifting.

"Mr. So-and-so, (that'd be me)
You now have an opportunity to sign up for additional training. It has always been the policy of this company to assure it's employees that they will be well trained. Through our Special High Intensity Training program, (S.H.I.T) we have striven to give our employees the best in training. Because of the dedication of our instructors, our employees have received more S.H.I.T than any employees of any other company.

If any employee feels he or she hasn't received enough S.H.I.T. to advance, feel free to report that to a supervisor immediately.

Our management is trained to give you as much S.H.I.T. as you can absorb."

Signed: The Management.



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