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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

HDL...LDL...Blood Test Time Again...

It's time once again and I'm not exactly looking forward to getting a needle stuck into my vein! Of course, I don't suppose that is something anyone really ever looks forward to with any modicum of delight! (Except, maybe, Abraham ((Bram)) Stoker)

It's not that it hurts much but just the idea of something sharp (or dull) being forced through the skin and vein wall of the arm, or any other part of the anatomy, is chill bumps time!

Of course, getting the injection (or, 'out-jection') isn't necessarily the only thing unappealing about today's tryst. There, also, is the necessity of fasting for the preceeding fourteen hours or so. Without the fast, only the total and 'good' cholesterol can be considered, thus, the fast and inclusion of the 'bad' cholesterol in the test.

It's sort of strange,-what our minds can do sometimes. I wanted to lose some weight awhile back and didn't eat for thirteen (it was really one) days and I didn't even feel hungry. But now, I haven't eaten for fourteen hours and I feel like I am in the throes of starvation! Psychological, I guess. Then why is my psychy growling from my stomach? Just as I thought! It's, also, extreme hunger!

Well, (I say that a lot)I guess I'll head on down to the slaughter house,..-er',-medical center, and get the deed done and have 'done' with it.
If it's any consolation to me, I'll receive a free meal coupon for a meal at the hospital next door! 'Yay!' Scrambled powered eggs and imitation syrup on toy panpucks...er'..pancakes! And grease gravy, just what I need to replenish my LDL supply! What a deal!



Blogger sandy said...

What! You get free food when you have a blood test? That does it! I want the name of your Doctor.

8:00 PM  
Blogger CA said...

I didn't get a free meal ticket after all. When I got back, Mi Espousa (a little Mex lingo here) La Donna e'Lee
((a bit more Mex lingo)) axed me if I et and, when I said "No", told me I had to actually axe the lady who had been needling me (a small play on words)for the free meal ticket. So I missed out on the scrambled powered eggs and grease gravy that I was so looking forward to. Bummer!

7:25 AM  

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