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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thanks to All Our Friends...

...for checking out our web site in You Tube! JC and Donna Lee has been a huge success for us so far. I'm aware our videos are just a tad short of professional but they are sure fun to make.
And a few of them have earned stars by people we don't even know!

One fellow says he put one of my songs,"Play a Country Song and Drink Another Beer For Me," on My Space.

Another says of the same song that I am 'awesome' and he wants to be like me when he is 'older.'

Someone else says of,"Back This Way Again," by Donna Lee, is a beautiful song and gave it five stars.

My poem,"The Shack Just South of Town," drew five stars and this message,"Great poem, I like the tone of your voice ... It's got a classic "country" sound."

All songs except,"Besame Mucho,-Throw Your Arms 'Round This Honky Tonk Man,-Green Eyes and Lonely Wine," are our own songs. It's especially rewarding to get good comments and kudos for our own songs and poems.

I have a couple more videos made that will go 'on the air' soon.

I know I've been a bit involved with the election campaign lately and, as a result, have used this blog for other than fun purposes but I'm back now. I just can't help but wonder if my being aware of the lies and deceit of Obama and the amateurism of Biden compared with the honor and patriotism of McCain and the exceptional-ism of Palin is making any difference anyhow.

I am noticing a trend by the liberal media, including many of the polling sites, to exaggerate any lead by Obama/Biden to make them appear to be a shoo-in. It's too bad Obama and Biden get away with even dishonest behavior and are not called for it by reporters.

In the words of the All-seeing and Wisest of Sages (but now deceased)Chico the Wonder Dog,"Oh, well."
(I felt him tap my left knee again yesterday as I sat at my computer-he hadn't visited for months)

Anyhoo, check JC and Donna Lee in a couple of days for new songs. Everyone's welcome.

Those of you who have dial-up may find it takes a while for the videos to load. My sister in Liberty, Texas has a very slow connection so I burn our programs onto a dvd and send them to her.(I'm so thoughtful-'gush')

Oh, BTW, I bought a Wii yesterday. I know, 'You can't afford that!-'but I got to figuring; uuum..er.-ah..les see now, I drive to the river park to walk (my exercise) and it takes about a gallon of gas to go there and back..uum..a trip a day using @4 bucks worth of gas equals @ 24 bucks a week (I don't exercise on Sunday) soooo' at the price of 349 bucks (includes tax and accessories) in about 14.54 weeks it will be paid for.
And I should be much better at bowling, boxing, golf, etc, etc, and, oh yes, did I mention, etc?

So there you have it; the facts of which I am aware to this date and time and you can (or may, whichever) do with them as you will.



Blogger tweetey30 said...

Hey I havent checked out your recent songs. I have been busy working and schooling Kora. I will check them out later after Kora is done working where I have more time.

10:45 AM  

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