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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rabbit Hunter Followup...

This is a followup on my last post about the guy who hunted rabbits with me in Pueblo, Colorado.That's me on my front porch working on the transmission of my 1939 Chrysler Royal, four door. That's the rabbit hunter watching. I think he is going in the house to get us a beer.

I bought the 1939 Chrysler Royal, four door in Alamosa, (or maybe it was Pagosa Springs) Colorado, and it had the low gear out of the transmission. I chained it to the backend of my tractor and pulled it home. Luckily it was at night so no cop saw me. He'd have shut me down and made me get a towbar.

The next day was Saturday and I went to a wrecking yard and found a low gear and repaired the transmission. I think it was about a week later when we went hunting.

This is the fellow. I wish I could remember his name. Maybe someone out there will recognize him from this picture. That would be great.

This picture was taken in October of 1958 in Pueblo, Colorado. We drove truck for E L Farmer Trucking Company hauling pipe to different places in the oil patch. I had transferred from Odessa, Texas where I was working for J H Marks trucking Company. After a year or so I went with E L Farmer.

Those were truly "the Good Old Days!"



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Sorry, don't recognize him.

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