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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Report From the Past...

I read a blog today that mentioned the crash and burning of the Hindenberg blimp. It quoted a phrase made by the reporter who was watching the blimp crash and burn. The phrase was, "Oh, the humanity."

How much more flowery our language was years ago. How expressive people were in describing things and events then than we are now.

If the Hindenberg had crashed yesterday and a reporter saw it he might just say, "Oh, shit," rather than what that distant reporter did.

A relative of mine from Texas who died many years ago was honored with this report of his death.

Mr ## ########, who came to Dublin a few months ago with his family, but who left his family here while he went on to San Saba, died at that place on Monday night, the 6th instance. He was a good man and leaves a wife and four children who are still living in Dublin. The following in regard to his death is clipped from the San Saba News.

"Mr # # ########, a stranger who came to San Saba a few weeks ago as a teamster, and who has been sick at Dr Ketchums office ever since, died Monday night. He had been exposed and contracted pneumonia and suffered intensely. His brother-in-law was with him the last few days of his life and kind hands have ministered to his wants as best they could.
He confessed himself freely before he died and said he was ready to die. All that was mortal of him was committed to earth in the Odd Fellows cemetary Tuesday evening.

It is seldom a sadder death occurs, as he was indeed a stranger in a strange land, away from his home and his loved ones and all the surroundings that would have tended to rob the monster of his terrors. His family, though unknown to the people of San Saba, have their sincerest sympathy."



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