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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Forsaking Our Friends...

Do you ever wonder why the United Arab Emirates are so intent on managing American seaports? Follow this link and maybe it’ll become clearer to you.

The Dubai firm, a company of the United Arab Emirates that is ready to take over six of our seaports, along with most other Muslim countries, is now actively boycotting Israel.

What this means is, after the Muslim takeover of our seaports, we will, not just in essence but in fact, be also boycotting goods made in or headed into or out of Israel.

I wonder if George Bush is aware of this? If he is, then he needs to be replaced for what he’s trying to do.

Folks, this is stinking more all the time. We have to be smarter than this. Israel is the only free democracy and our only true friend in the middle east and now it seems we are about to sever our ties to that country.

Now the leader of Iran has stated that if we, the US, do anything to destroy Irans' nuclear sites, Iran will attack Israel.

What has our President said about that? What the hell is happening to our Nation? How can we allow things like these threats to us and our allies and the Muslim takeover of our ports to happen?



Blogger sandy said...

I'm totally onboard now with blocking this deal. It should not matter who it is, if they are boycotting one of our allies, then they are in essense boycotting us.

So what if most of our ports are managed by a foreign company. I would say the same if it was Great Britain boycotting Israel.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Mountain Mama said...

It's like handing Jack The Ripper a butcher knife, isn't it? I can't imagine where Bush is going with this but he better wise up real fast. We are in enough trouble.

5:30 PM  

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