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Monday, February 27, 2006


This is a poem I wrote some time ago. I sort of enjoyed writing it. It might mean something to you.

I perceive, all the simple little things that never take a lot of thought-
Sixty seconds make a minute, sixty minutes make an hour,
Anything that once is paid for is at once considered bought.

And the seasons; there's the winter and the springtime and the summer and the fall;
And the battles and the games we play don't mean so much to win or lose,
It ain't the win or lose but how we play the games is all.

It's a game-and we can't take it too serious, this life we try to live,
Get up early every morning, go to bed too late at night,
To consider what we get we must consider what we give.

And the giving; must we always take the back seat, stand behind our fellow man?
All these questions need some answers. Is the answer all around us?
Not to play the game so well but just to win it if we can!



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