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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's Strange...

It's strange how much different things are influenced, or even determined, by the time of the day. La Donna Lee, mi espousa (a little Mex lingo there) is once again on a trip to the lower Northern California portion of the state(San Francisco and Modesto) or the central portion of the state, as you prefer. I am alone; no Donna and, maybe even worse, no Chico the Wonder Dog with whom to converse and spend time with. ('ouch!'-ending a sentence with a preposition)

Well, I said to myself, "It's not the first time I've been alone at home." (Or, 'Home Alone') "No", I answered myself, (I do that a lot)"it isn't the first time except, in the past you've had Chico the Wonder Dog to help you pass the time."
'Well', I thought, 'it's not as if I really need someone here in order for me to feel like doing something to interest myself.'

That's true, I opined to my self. (I've always liked that word; opined) I guess not. I can go outside and pull the weeds mi espousa (Little more Mex there) missed while I was off at the creek, working for four hours to pan 63 cents worth of placer gold. (That'll sure come in handy when it's time to pay the rent-it was worth the 17 bucks I spent for gas to get to the creek and back!)

"...Well, I thought, it's not as if I really need someone..."

That brought me back to the reason for this missile; needing or not needing someone. I didn't need anyone this morning:-I didn't need someone yesterday while I was digging for gold but;-I was perusing the menu on the Dish Network and came across a movie made in 1938 called, "Three Comrades."It starred Margaret Sullavan, Franchot Tone and Robert Taylor. I won't go into what it's about,-that isn't important.

In one scene, Robert Taylor and Margaret Sullavan were riding along in a car,-or walking along together, whichever,- having a conversation. A point was made by Margaret Sullavan that neither he nor she really needed someone. Then he said it, "Everyone needs someone when it gets evening."

Now she is headed for the sanitorium where she will receive treatment for something and he will once again be alone, needing someone, 'when it gets evening.'

And so will I. Where's Chico the Wonder Dog when you need him?!?



Blogger laffinpunkin said...

Well Hello!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, what a nice surprise!
I enjoyed reading your last post here on your blog. I couldn't help but laugh at your $17 investment for, what was it, 64 cents worth of gold? What's important is that you enjoyed yourself....:) You did enjoy yourself didn't you? Lol!
Hope your Donna and Chico are back soon, my husband is gone a lot (he does a LOT of business traveling) but I do have my dog and 2 cats to keep me busy.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
I liked that line from the movie... it is right I think... My husband travels a lot on business so I hold the fort here for a couple of weeks at a time about four times a year. I find in the evening that I get a load of stuff done that I have been procrastinating about so when he gets back the house is freaky clean. We have the four dogs and even they sparkle when he returns since I have in all probability groomed the coats glossy and the little teeth hua till they glint like 64 cents in gold.
Thing is, I imagine that Chico is looking down from doggy heaven wondering what he did to scare you away from getting another dog to pamper. So many people get dogs and don't know what to do with them and it seems to me that someone like you, who just loves them should ought to have one since it is a huge waste of a pet owner not too...
I am not sure if I am saying that right, so what I am going for here is the same tone that one would use if they know a real good man or a real good woman who would be a great spouse but who can't find one... you know... what a pity, what a waste...
Do get a dog so that when everyone gets to heaven Chico will have another dog to hang out with! :)
Laura Canuck

11:23 AM  
Blogger CA said...

Donna-It was a thousand bucks worth of fun!!

Laura--It is a good line, isn't it? But I'm afraid I get too invloved to have another pet. Besides, our little girl, Skeeter, (a yellow eyed Burmese cat) is there to greet him! What a pair they were, and still are, I'll bet! Here is a past post showing Skeeter and Chico when they first met.


1:30 PM  
Blogger CA said...

I'll try that link again.http://atimeandaplace.blogspot.com/2005/12/chico-wonder-dog.html#links

1:33 PM  

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