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Monday, July 16, 2007

I Finally Did It...

...and it was great! OK, OK,-great fun!

"What in the hell are you talking about?" you ax. "We want to know; the whole world wants to know!"..yeah, right..

All right, I'll tell you! Now stop twisting my arm!

As some of you already know, Mi Espousa,-La Donna e'Lee (a little Mex lingo there) i.e., my wife, for those of you who don't as yet understand our future national language, Amerexican.(Hmm..or will it be'Can-amer-exican, or Ameri-can-exican?)

Now, where was I..--right; Donna and I occasionally attend and perform in musical jam sessions around the area. Donna sings and I sing and play rhythm guitar. (or bass guitar if a certain fellow who owns a bass guitar but is rude and won't learn to properly play it and so, screws up the music by plucking wrong notes; I bought one to play just to keep him from hitting wrong notes and making the session a bummer for the rest of us)

Anyhoo, a while back our lead guitar picker, in a moment of weakness, married and moved to Missouri. Since then, the rest of us have tried our almost best to fill in the gaps in our now non-existent lead guitar parts.

Well, I said, I'll just buy a lead guitar and practice a whole bunch and get really (?) good and play lead. I bought the guitar and practiced a really bunch and finally got only very bad instead of awful like I had been before. (Donna says I now only get her a little bit nauseous with my lead guitar playing instead of really retchy like at first)

Anyhow, yesterday I took only my lead guitar to the jam session and I played lead for just about every song and, guess what?! a lady looked at me with eyes of extreme admiration and told me I was so good, she couldn't hardly believe it! She couldn't say enough about my newly acquired lead guitar picking skill! I thought she was going to give me a big old hug, or at least, a gold medal or blue ribbon or something! Oh, and by the way, another person also said I was a little better than I had been, too.(note: one of those double things-'also' and 'too' in that sentence) Hold on...

OK, I'm back. I had to go out to the shop and put my head into the vise and try to get it back down to a manageable size.It didn't work, but at least I tried.

Well, (I say that a lot-got the habit from Pres Reagan)that's the gist of it. Now I have to go and practice some more and get really sort of a little bit good!

Tomorrow Mi Espousa (a little more mex lingo there) and I entertain at an assisted living place for some old folks. We get paid for this gig and, of course, that makes it more fun! Only thing is, I won't get to play my lead guitar since our lap-top computerized Band in a Box application furnishes all the music for tomorrow's gig.(and I'm not sure those old folks could appreciate my lead guitar picking,-you know how old folks with nothing to lose are)
Hmmm... Oh well...



Blogger tweetey30 said...

CA that is awsome. I am so happy for you. You were saying you wanted to do this the last time I commented. I so proud of you.

9:18 AM  
Blogger J C said...

Thankee-thankee-, I 'preciate it!

6:03 PM  

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