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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What a Great Day.....

yesterday was! Independence Day! The park get-to-gether was a success and Donna and I had a ball entertaining! We sang about ten songs before lunch and thought that might be all for the day. But, after we all had lunch, several people came by our table and asked if we would sing some more. So we did!

Donna got some compliments on her singing voice. One guy compared her to either Betty Barrett or Wee Bonnie Baker, a pop big band singer from the Orin Tucker Band of the forties! She blushed, right on cue, and we thanked the guy. (As a coincidence, there is a story of Orin Tucker and Wee Bonnie Baker I'll tell in the next post)

Anyhow, after lunch we got back up and sang another hour. The music sounded great and we had a fine time; and we made a couple of bucks in tips!

Our friends, Sandy and Vicki, were there and after Donna and I finished up, we all went to our place (which is just across the street) and drank wine and played a dice game called, Zilch! It was great fun. We always have a good time with Sandy and Vicki! They even let me win a game!

Gotta go now...I'm in the middle of vacuuming the floor and needed a break. ...'Yeah, I vacuum, It's my job!


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