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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

While Blogging I Ran Across....

a site valled "J Man Times." It is on Stratus link section so I figured it must be interesting. It was quite interesting, especially the comparison of Iron Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and O J Simpson. There was no place for comments so I have to make my comment on my own blog.

I was impressed with the comparisons of those people and the observations made by the J Man but a little taken aback by his limited reference to Mohammed Ali, the mouth.The reference wasn't much so I just wanted to add my two cents to it.

I never considered Cassius Clay (aka-Mohammed Ali) the greatest of anything except his rhetoric. He lost a few fights and so isn't the greatest boxer. If we go by accomplishment, Rocky Marciano, the only heavyweight to never lose a title or any other fight, has to be the best heavyweight.

To cut to the chase and stay within the subject line of the J Man, I think Ali was a coward. I think that is why he rejected his Christian up-bringing and embraced Islam; solely to avoid the draft. For this, I have no respect for the man at all. It's too bad he became punch-drunk but those things happen. Some suggest God caused his affliction for his transgression against his God but I think that is a bit far out.
I can understand him not wanting to go to Viet Nam but to
use Allah, whoever he is, and Islam, whatever that is, as justification to dodge the draft is really sick. Come on, Ali, just admit you are afraid to die and get it over with. There is nothing dis-honorable about being afraid. But be a man about it!



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