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Monday, August 29, 2005

'ooops'...It's 54 40 Or Fight...

In an earlier post I used an early American fighting slogan, "44 40 or fight," as a tool to aggravate a Canadian with whom I was having a spirited discussion about something so un-important that it now escapes my memory. (I think it was just to needle him-with Canadians, being needled is their preferred form of warfare)

'Voila'!! Please make a notation of this date and time! Please sit down and prepare yourselves for a tremendous shock! Are you ready?

I made a mistake! - No-no...don't faint or run from the room in panic...don't abuse your wives or children because of your extreme agitation or dis-belief that I could actually make a mistake, even a small one like this of almost no magnitude! Calm down-stop crying and moaning-don't kick the dog anymore! 'whew'...that's better.

The actual latitude/longitude (or visa-versa) is "54 40" instead of 44 40. So the fighting slogan was, "54 40 or Fight."

The rest of the comment was basically accurate. Most of the dispute was concerning the huge area known as the Oregon Territory and the dispute was with the then British territory of Canada. (You can tell Canada is no longer a British territory; the British are always ready for a good scrap; ready to whip the bad guys)

Anyone interested in this tidbit can go to the link and read up on it. To the fellow I was harrassing; It might make you feel a little bit better if you actually do read that bit of information.



Blogger sandy said...

When you said you made a mistake, I started to run for the bomb shelter.

Then I realized two things. One: I don't have a bomb shelter!!!

And two: Hell, you make mistakes all the time, you just don't usually own up.

7:33 PM  

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