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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"OPEC HELPLESS"...What a Crock...

Everyone who believes OPEC doesn't set the price of crude oil and couldn't lower it if they wanted to, raise your hands!

What a bunch of liars the OPEC nations are, along with our President. Right now it's hard to determine which is the biggest liar!

In this article, Saudia Arabia and Nigeria,et al, claim they cannot control the price of crude oil. That's a lie and everyone knows it! What a nation of cowards we are for allowing our president to let this ride; to allow him to keep acting as if he is powerless! He is a disgrace to this country. I, for one, will change my political party affiliation from republican to something else (whatever Pat Buchanan is) if he and other republicans don't do something soon.

Go to Sandy's blog to see some figures; how we reward the world for screwing us!

I gotta go now before I blow a gasket!



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