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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Guess the Jig Is Up...

"FEMA wants to recoup $30.3 million from Floridians"

You know, I went to Florida last year to help out after one of those hurricanes. It was a messs there and I got sick. Well, I went by a building where people were lined up and I thought they were lined up waiting to use the bathroom so I got in line. I was thinking about earlier when I had thrown up. It was into the gutter and I needed a place where I could wash my face and hands.

Finally I got to the door and entered. Boy, was I surprised! Instead of the toilet I thought it was (because of the way it smelled) it was a room with a desk and chairs. A man in a suit was sitting at the desk and he motioned me to sit down, which I did. He asked me if I had lost anything and I said, yes, I had lost it all. I was thinking of when I threw up earlier.

He handed me a check for 17,000 dollars and asked it that would be enough to replace it and I told it would, just barely. I had eaten quite a lot before I threw up.

Anyhow, during the rest of the day, I came across several more lines that day and, by the time I finally found a toilet, I had so much money I could have bought my own!

Well, I knew it was too good to be true. Now it looks like I'll have to give all that money back. I don't think it's fair though, since I didn't even ask for it in the first place. Now it's like a black cloud has come over me.

One good thing came out of it though; now whenever I have to throw up I get this pleasant feeling of impending wealth. I guess that is the silver lining.

Yes, I guess I'll have to give all that money back but I just hope no one finds out I've been to Louisiana and Houston. I don't want to have to return my new computer.

Boy, sometimes life just isn't fair.



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