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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jesus or Allah...You Decide...

Jesus tells us, love your neighbor , as you love yourself;
Allah says, kill infidels and I will give you wealth. (72 virgins- worth a buck apiece)

Jesus says, do good to man, give aid to everyone;
Allah says, don't be their friend, Dinner Table 5:51: (Koran)

Jesus says, if you get slapped, just turn the other cheek;
Allah says, blow all them up or they will think you weak.

Jesus says, when you need me, I always will be near;
Allah says, if you love me, fill all my foes with fear.

Jesus says, if they won't hear, from your feet shake their dust;
Allah says, if they're not Muslims, don't give them your trust.

Jesus says, in Me are Hope and Joy and Faith and Love;
Allah says, your death of infidels comes from above.

Jesus says, if you will call on me you'll see the Father;
Allah says, if you won't kill for me, don't even bother.

Jesus says, lead all your children and they'll know the way;
Allah says, strap on a bomb and martyr them today.

Jesus says, repent today and you all will be saved;
Allah says,...well, it just depends on which imam you talk to on which day...it's mostly convert to islam or die. Always has been...always will be!

Always remember September 11th, 2001! Always remember all our loved ones who died for no reason!
Always remember it was Muslims who who killed them; for no reason; Period!



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