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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Bright Light of Death...or Near Death...

The bright light of death...the light at the end of a corridor...after death experiences...What is happening?

..."However, the researchers believe that neurophysiological processes must play some part in NDE. Similar experiences can be induced through electrical stimulation of the temporal lobe (and hence of the hippocampus) during neurosurgery for epilepsy, with high carbon dioxide levels (hypercarbia), and in decreased cerebral perfusion resulting in local cerebral hypoxia as in rapid acceleration during training of fighter pilots, or as in hyperventilation followed by valsalva manoeuvre. Ketamine-induced experiences resulting from blockage of the NMDA receptor, and the role of endorphin, serotonin, and enkephalin have also been mentioned, as have near-death-like experiences after the use of LSD, psilocarpine, and mescaline. These induced experiences can consist of unconsciousness, out-of-body experiences, and perception of light or flashes of recollection from the past. These recollections, however, consist of fragmented and random memories unlike the panoramic life-review that can occur in NDE. Further, transformational processes with changing life-insight and disappearance of fear of death are rarely reported after induced experiences.Thus, induced experiences are not identical to NDE...*"

I have no idea what that paragraph says or means; I just wanted to get your attention. 'yuk'

What causes the bright light seen by many when they are either near death or, for a short time, clinically dead? Is it an invitation to enter Heaven or some resting place that exists after our soul leaves our body and before whatever happens to it next, happens?

Is it simply an electrical discharge from our brain as it struggles to either end or preserve our life? There are many theories of what causes the light. Guess what...I have my own.

My theory may have been suggested before by someone else but I haven't read it. If it has, I'm sure I'll hear about it from one of my good friends! 'chuckle'

To put it in simple terms, I believe a person who sees the bright light is simply returning to the place from whence he came.

Don't get gross!...that's not what I mean! When a baby is born, he comes from the darkness of his mothers' womb. The first thing he sees when he first opens his eyes is, compared to the darkness of the womb, a bright light.

Then he begins to live a life of whatever the fates dictate. Everything he does, sees and hears is forever stored in his brain.(His hard drive)

*Some think dreams are the way the brain clears itself of information no longer pertinent to its' operation. This leaves room in its' 'memory' (as opposed to hard drive) for things now happening.*

Even though things are seemingly forgotten, they lurk still in some far reach of the brain; waiting to be recalled when needed again at some future time.

At some time and for whatever reason, everyone will die and some will come close to death and survive.

My theory is: At that time of death or near death, all the things that have been experienced by a living being, that are stored in the brain, begin to be placed in a 'recycle bin' to await permanent deletion.

The information is taken from the conscious brain in the reverse of how it was taken in. That is why our life flashes before us as we die or approach death. The last thing of which we were aware presents itself first and events scroll by our minds in that reverse scenario until we finally reach the thing we first experienced at birth; a bright light; the bright light of life after the womb.

This, however, isn't necessarily the end of our life.

First we (or fate) must decide if we will, in fact, end our life or if we (or fate) decide to return to the land of the living.
If we decide to stay alive awhile longer, many have what is known as an 'out of body' experience. This is the spirit hovering above the body, seeing the scene, aware of things happening below it. Then it returns to the body and we awake.

If, on the other hand, we decide to die, our soul leaves our body, the recycle bin empties and that is the end of our worldly existence. We go to a much better place...(hopefully)



Blogger Gaileyann said...

that is the best explanation I've ever heard...Good job.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Redd Bear said...

i saw the light come for my sister-in-law, and i felt her leave me with a brush on my face of a light breeze,for some reason i got so sleepy and i had told her i would be there for her till the end, and i let her down i fell asleep only to awaken to see her staring at me, i knew she was gone! the night before i had brought her a dozen yellow roses,later that night i saw a light come into her room and those roses went from a tight bud, i saw them open up.i think of this every single day. can you help explain

9:38 AM  

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