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Friday, December 30, 2005

A Time and A Place...

This is the time and that is the place for this kind of violence to stop! These damn kids should all be convicted and sent to jail for 10 years or more for trying to kill an innocent man"just for the fun of it!"

MILWAUKEE - A prosecutor began reviewing possible charges Thursday against five juveniles in the brutal mob beating of a man yanked from his car while driving through a north side neighborhood. Two are 17 years old, two are 16 and one is 14, according to a police statement that did not give the genders of the suspects in the attack on Samuel McClain, a 50-year-old father of 12. Police continue to seek more suspects," the release said.

Linda Johnson, McClains wife said," "I thought that the last time this happened in our community that people would wake up," Johnson said. "It's time for this to stop. Parents need to sit down and talk with their children about what's right and what's wrong."

Hey, Linda, Wake up! Nobody gives a shit what happens to your husband or anyone else!

State Rep. Leon Young, D-Milwaukee, said he plans to introduce a bill in the Legislature early next year that would toughen the penalties for those participating in group assaults. Young, a former Milwaukee police officer, started working with the department after several 2004 mob beatings.

Big deal! This guy wants to "toughen the penalties" for mob killers. Hey, Mr. Leon Young, State Representative, how about seeing that the bums beating and killing people right now get what they deserve!

Mrs Johnson, good luck while you're waiting for for those parents to wake up and sit down with their kids and convince them to act like civilized humans! Don't forget, though, about the three or four people who have been beaten and killed in the last couple of years! And stay tuned for the next ones who are gonna die while you're waiting!

"Hey, fella, why are you so hard on the lady?"

I'll tell you why! She should get a lawyer and sue the City and the County for sitting on their asses and letting the animals in that neighborhood kill people just because they know they can get away with it!

That's right; you heard me right! The damn cops in that city could stop that kind of crap if they had the guts to do it. Or wait for another Watts or Paris is burning to happen!

Ask a cop from Milwaukie what he is doing about that neighborhood and he'll say he's doing all he can. Then ask him what, "all he can," means and he'll say 'duh', which pretty well sums up what he and the rest of them are doing. They ain't gonna get out of their squad cars! Believe it!

Well, this about ends my tirade; that is until tomorrow when the "kids" of Milwaukie or LA or Houston or just about any other town decide to 'have a good time' again.

It's too bad about Mr. McClain, though. He's probably a pretty good guy. He has a family whom he probably loves a lot and maybe he works hard to make them a living. What's he and the other good people supposed to do about the bums who like to beat people up? I know! Ask a Texan. Get 'em a hand gun and show them how to shoot bums who like to beat people up! And maybe that shouldn't be as a last resort!

Hang in there Mr. McClain and Mrs Johnson and defend yourselves whenever you have to. It's a cinch no one else will!



Blogger sandy said...

The cops are probably afraid (and rightly so) that they would be sued by those hoodlums parents if they did what they should. And that is to beat the living crap out of them.

I think I know what you and I would do in the same situation as Mr.McClain. Just let us get the drop on um!

11:48 PM  
Blogger Kermit said...

This is a good reason to put a little chlorine in the gene pool. Carry a firearm and shoot the little and/or big ba&#*%ds! At some point, I personally run out of nice.

My lesson from SE Asia, where I spent spent way too much time ass-in-the-grass, is that, "If you f#^k with me, or, more especially my family, someone will die. And you might as well know right up front that I'm not afraid of it. For you to survive, I have to die. Anything less means that you are a walking deadman".

Did I use small enough words that the educationally challenged will learn something and not need more education?


4:27 AM  
Blogger CA said...

Kermit, I uderstood f#^k all right but I'm still working on, ba&#*%ds!'chuckle' Not really...

10:52 AM  

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