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Saturday, June 24, 2006

106 degrees f - in the Shade...

Donna and I went to Redding and had lunch at the Hometown Buffett. On the way back, we stopped and explored the new Super Walmart Store at Anderson. After walking around for an hour or so and making a few purchases, we headed on back to Red Bluff. It was 101 degrees when we left Walmart.

We turned off at the Antelope Blvd exit and headed for the house. At the street where we turn left to go to mi casa (a little Mex lingo there) on the right is a hardware and lumber store. In front of the store and back a ways west is a great big sign that gives the time of day and temperature.

It's electric and flashes back and forth from the temp to the time.

As I was pulling up to the turning lane, the temp light flashed 103 and the time was 1:03. I stopped in the turn lane and the time turned to 1:04 and the temp flashed 104 degrees.

We waited there for a time for the oncoming traffic to clear so we could turn off and the time flashed 1:05 and immediately the temp flashed 105 degrees.

Donna turned pale and screamed, "Go, Jim, Go... damn it, let's go!"

It startled me and I hit the gas and squirted across the lane, barely missing an on-coming car and made our street all right.

I asked Donna what the heck that was all about and she stammered, "Didn't you see how that sign changed the time and temperature at the same time-you know,-103 degrees and 1:03 pm-104 degrees and 1:04 pm,-then 105 degrees and 1:05 o'clock? " I owned as how I did notice that and Donna, in her very logical manner of thinking said matter of factly, "I wanted to make sure we weren't still sitting there when it turned 2:00 pm. I'd have melted."

Female logic. It makes sense to her so I guess I can live with it, too!



Blogger Mountain Mama said...

And I thought it was hot here! I would have melted in the heat you are having.
I like the way your wife thinks.

9:51 PM  

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