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Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's Been Fun...

Blogging has been fun and aggravating, but mostly fun. I have an extended bookmark list of Blogs I peruse occassionaly and am always surprised and curious when I come across one that is no longer active. It seems that, with a blog, it sometimes isn't active for long periods but it never (almost never) goes away. It is a shame, too, because some are/were among my favorites

It's like; "Hello! I'd like you to meet ???? He/she is a person of some interest and you two have this(?) in common."
And I say, "Hello, it's nice to meet you!" And we develop a kind of rapport and begin to communicate.

Then one day I am in the neighborhood and tap on the door and no one's home. I go away and come back later and still no one is there.

"I wonder," I wonder to myself, "where my friend is." But he/she is gone, never to return and with no explanations, goodbyes or I'll see you's.

So, being a curious fellow by nature, I wonder if I should list a few here and see if anyone who reads my blog can shed any light on where some of these friends are or why they are not. I wonder... Then in my mind's eye I seem to see Chico the Wonder Dog looking askance at me, (dogs have to look askance because, as we all know, they can't talk) "What the hell are you waiting for? Just do it!" So here goes!

The first is, Kermit the Frog of Bubbasbog. This fellow moved from Texas (figure that one!) to Oklahoma in 1997 and actively blogged right up until, Monday, October 9th, 2006, when he posted that he may start a medicinal herb crop then he was never heard from again. I was so impressed with his posts that I lent him one of my poems, 'The Frog', which he placed on a place of honor on his blog. And I once received an e-mail from him for whatever reason. I recently sent an e-mail to him inquiring of his health but have received no answer. (???)

The next is Data Monkey of curmudgeanbludgeoning, a witty fellow of some renown; the author of the unforgettable, "College Stupidity...Vol 5...and the horrid tale of The Sauce!" His last post was on October 11 of 2005.

And three is one of his contributors (Lisa, his wife,I think) he said/she said.
Their last postings were on June 13 of 2005.

Then there is BixBloc of Splintered CrossConnects fame. The last heard from him was March 14th, 2006, when the lake was 'knocking on my back door.' I hope he didn't go under with his ship!

On Thursday, October 5th, 2006, sonson of 'Just Being Me', posted about searching for the book, 'Pride and Prejudice', and she has not been heard from since. Anyone who lists their favorite music as country, classical, soft rock and 80's has to be a fine person.

Then there is Bush Babe of Bush Babe's Times, an avowed Reaganite. September of 2005 was her last post.

With this I'll leave you for now. There are a bunch more but I have to get up and around and get my PA system and Band-in-a-Box songs arranged for our (mine and mi espousa's-a little Mex lingo there) musical presentation to a bunch of old timers in a couple of days. We enjoy entertaining the old folks on occassion. Maybe someday we will be old (I'm only 71 and she's only 70) and we can sit back and listen to a couple of youngsters warble a tune or two!...If the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise!

Let us hear from any of you who are aware of whatever happened to any of the good folks whose blogs bit the dust without a goodbye. Hopefully they only forgot their passwords!'chuckle'



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