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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tomorrow, Today's Gonna Be Yesterday...

I wrote a song about this once, many years ago. (It seems odd and strange that I can use that phrase, "many years ago," since it indicates a generous passage of time; then I realize that it was, indeed, "many years ago"-to where has time flown!?!)

It is a truck driving song saying generally not to worry about things of tomorrow too much because, as it does no good to worry about yesterday since nothing that happened yesterday can be changed, whatever happens today, good or bad, will soon be the property of yesterday and archived forever and the tomorrow of which I speak will never come. Instead, it will be replaced by another today. Heavy, ain't it? 'chuckle'

Part of the song goes:

"Yesterday is past,
and tomorrow never will come,
Today is all that matters, my friend,
And it won't be here long..."

And this is a trucking song so it describes how a truck driving man needs to feel.

...You can worry and fret,
You can speed right along;
You can give up your truck
when they lay you away,
But it won't do no good, now,
To be a'movin too fast
Cause tomorrow, today's gonna be yesterday."

Well, that says it for me. Now I gotta go take care of today, jam session and all, so that tomorrow I'll have an at least quasi-interesting yesterday back on which to look and over which to ponder and, hopefully, marvel, and with any luck at all, muse!

"...and once again the clock struck seven; then again there was no Raven, nor a fair maid (no Lenore), no rap gently at the door..."

Bye, bye!!



Blogger tweetey30 said...

So true and beautiful song. There are so many people out there worrying about all of our yesterdays instead of looking a head of us.

12:03 PM  

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