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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A New Page Has Begun..

...in my life today. It is the first day of the seventy second year of the life of Mi Espousa, La Donna d'el Nebraska, (a little Mex lingo here) aka, Donna Lee, my wife.(Ain't she cute,-alpha and omega)
Mi Espousa was borned on Friday the thirteenth of November in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty six, the year of the Rat.
(wait,-you say that's bad luck) Yeah, but she eventually got very lucky because she met and married moi! Now ain't that a trip!

OK, OK,- I'll wait and ax her if you think I should.

The last year has been an interesting year. We have just lived some days and have cogitated other days, mainly of our mortality.

The phone just rang and it was my sis-in-law, Janice, calling from San Francisco to wish her sister a happy birthday! Now wasn't that nice? Yes it was and let me be the first to say so!

We're going to Redding today and get my big brother whose birthday is the 15th (he'll be 82) and I'm taking mi espousa y el mi hermano to Home Town Buffet for their birthday lunches! Yum!! (We ain't having Burritos)

The last thirty seven years, six months and twenty three days (less three hours)have been a real trip. You wouldn't believe the things Donna and I have been into since we married. I have always been a person to say,'let's go for it,' and Donna was a very logical, reserved person before she met me. Boy, has that changed for her!

I just thought of a really good project for me and my blog! I'm going to tell about things that have happened to Donna since she married me that I'm sure wouldn't have happened to her otherwise! Start watching for them! This is gonna be fun!

In all cerealness, though, Donna Has been a wonderful, patient person as Mrs Me and I love her more than I can rationally say. Now I am going to shave and wash my hands and face and clean behind my ears and clean my fingernails and make sure my hanky is clean and...'whoops', I reverted back to the third grade momentarily (except for the shaving part) for un momento, muchas gracias. Boy, is that spooky! I was looking around for Miss Crews, my third grade teacher! 'whew'

Well, as I started to say, I need to get dressed and scrape my face and brush my snags so I can take my Honey to her Birthday Lunch. See you later!



Anonymous echotig8 said...

According to Chinese Astrology the Rat IS a lucky symbol! I have a little "rat" of my own born in 1996. I also have a Sheep, a Tiger, and a Dragon. Not bad for a Dog and a Rooster!

2:41 PM  
Blogger CA said...

What a mixture! I'm afraid to check all of mine! Donna is the same as me. Maybe that's why we are doing so well together. (most of the time) 'yuk'

10:05 AM  

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