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Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Vacation past...

Well, (I say that a lot) another vacation is past. Once again we didn't make it to Texas. Maybe next time. This time we got to Blythe and had to turn around and come back for reasons I won't go into.

We arranged for some friends of ours to cover for us at the Frontier Hall Senior Citizens Nutrition Center ('whew') while we were gone for a month (oops) so now we have to re-arrange them. I already told the one fellow that we would be back and start back entertaining this next Friday then, as luck would have it, Mi Esposas, La Donna d'el Nebraska (a little Mex lingo there for 'My wife, Donna, who hails from Nebraska) got sick. She ran a fever for a day and a night and had stomach cramps and back pain and decided not to go to the jam session that was on Sunday. She wanted me to go anyhow to support the group.

The place we go on this particular day is a community hall and we have to pay for the use of it. Jan is the lady who sponsors the jam and we pay two bucks apiece to help raise the eighty dollars charged for the use of the hall for the day. So I went.

I got there just before twelve o'clock and set up my equipment. I was number four to perform and I played the bass guitar instead of my regular guitar. Each person had a turn and time came to eat. (This get-together is one where each person brings a dish of food of some sort and we eat together and visit between music sets)

I decided to call Donna before I ate to see how she was feeling. She said her fever was 102 so I packed up my stuff and went home and took her to the emergency room of the local hospital.
She was checked in and xrayed and ultra sounded (xrayed to check for impaction of the bowel and ultra sounded to check for a kidney stone) and probed and poked (oh, and prodded to the point where she felt like whinnying) and given some vile liquid to drink and sent home to drink it. I was afraid she might have an impacted bowel but the doc said no. (what does he know-he's still practicing)

Last night she tried to eat a bite and became nauseous and felt like she would faint. I put cold compresses on her face and neck and she began to feel better. She blazed a trail between her bed and the bathroom for a while. I stayed up with her most of the night,then, when she began to feel better, I retired to my chair.

I checked on her several times during the night and she seems to be feeling better this morning. I brought her the Alternagel and a cup of freshly brewed Folgers Coffee, sweetened and creamed to her liking. She said someday I would make someone a good nurse and I told her I already was someones good nurse; hers. She chuckled and agreed.

Well, (again) I'd better cut this short (too late for 'short') before someone accuses me of whining. In case anyone is interested in any of this, I'll update it at a later date. Bye, bye now!



Blogger tweetey30 said...

You are such a sweetie to that wife of yours CA.. Take care of her and hugs to her for me. I need to finish my cleaning before hubby comes upstairs and walks on my wet floor to go to bed.. LOL.

9:33 PM  

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