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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Right Lane and Left Lane...(?)

Well, for those who are interested, here are the two new chairs I got to replace my elderly one that bit the dust recently and went to the Lazy Boy Reclining Chair Heaven. (aka,-the Tehama County Dump). They were manufactured by Lane Furniture Industries.
For thirty eight years, I have had a reclining chair and Donna sat on the sofa. Some years ago when her Mother passed on, she got her Mom's recliner and I thought, 'That's nice,-now each of us has a recliner'.

'oops',-huh uh,-She wouldn't sit in it because it belonged to her beloved Mother and she held it in esteem, in memory of her Mom, and she didn't want it worn out or damaged or something else.
I have to wonder what will happen to the chair should Donna pass.
(If she 'goes' before I and I am left behind, her Mom's chair will join my old chair in the Lazy Boy Reclining Chair Heaven,-it deserves a decent burial)

So, instead of sitting in it, she carefully and lovingly placed it in the entryway between the living/dining/laundry room and now, instead if damaging it by sitting in it, we walk around it (actually, squeeze by it) and she uses it on which to put clothing which she is folding as it comes out of the electric dryer. (she says that won't hurt it,-just make it warm from the just dried clothes)

I show her, though. ..'sshhh'... Sometimes when she is gone to San Francisco to receive the gift of a cold from her sister and bring it back here to share with me,(she's so generous,-just like her sister) I purposely wash a load of clothing and dry it in the electric drier just so I can,- NOT STACK IT ON HER MOM'S CHAIR TO FOLD.
Just for spite, I carry the clothing into the Masters (that's me) bedroom and place it on the bed and, being careful not to lie on top of any of it while I am sleeping, in a few days, after it has cooled off sufficiently and the wrinkles have set properly, I fold it there.

Anyhow, after my chair did it from the both of us using it for many, many years, she unfairly insisted she needs a chair of her own.
I remind her that she already has a reclining chair and she calmly explains to me, "Oh, no,-that's Mom's chair." I have started, a couple of times, to remind her that her Mom is dead, but, being somewhat familiar with her occasional temper tantrum when she is dis-agreed with, I wisely (and fearfully) kept my mouth shut.

Anyways, looking at the picture here, the chair on the left facing you is the 'Left Lane', and the chair on the right facing you is the, 'Right Lane.'

Howsomeever, since I never stay in the 'Right Lane' when I'm driving on the freeway, I prefer to label the Lanes from looking from the back; ergo, (or is that,-I.E.,-Oh, well) I will be sitting in the 'Left Lane' and Mi Espousa, La Donna d'el Nebraska, (a little Mex Lingo here) will be sitting in the 'Right Lane'. I usually stay in the 'Left Lane' because the road surface is almost always smoother. (or is that, 'More Smooth, uuumm,-oh, well)

Most of the time, when I am in the passing lane and someone comes up behind as if they want to pass and I move to the right, (I'm so courteous) instead of going on, they slow down when they get alongside of me and I am forced to slow because of the slower traffic ahead of me.

And so, not wanting to compromise my speedy position, I stay in the Left Lane and force the bum to pass on the right. I drive a Mercury Marquis which is a big car and is pretty comfortable and I just hate it when some little old bitty Volkswagen or Honda or something like that comes up alongside me and I have to slow down...uummm,-Les see... what the hell was I talking about?
'oops'... Oh, Yeah,- the chairs!

Well, (I say that a lot,-it indicates I am thinking)anyhoo, there it is; I have said about all there is to say about our brand new Lane Recliner Chairs, the 'Right Lane' and the 'Left Lane'.(or is it the 'Left Lane' and the 'Right Lane'-oh, well.) Now you know as much about this as I do (which ain't saying much,- and who really cares, anyhow) and you can, or may, do with it as you will. (Or won't-that would be up to you)

Now, wasn't that exciting! Was it good for you? It was sure good for me!



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