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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Donna Update 9/9...Update 9/10...Update 9/11...9/12...9/13...

Another pretty good day. I learned a lot today, about caring for someone. Donna was looking sort of tired when I got there and I asked the nurse how long it had been since Donnas mouth was cleaned. She said about two hours and handed me a bottle of cleanser, a tube of lotion and some swabs and said told me I could do it.
I had done it a couple of times before but it was still scary for me; I was afraid of hurting her. But it turned out to be pretty easy. I just had to be careful to not scrub too hard.
Then I exercised her arms and feet and rubbed lotion on them and played some music for her. I recorded about an hour of Jazz (Take the A Train, etc) on a cd last night because Donna loves Jazz. She seemed to like it. She wasn't very responsive today but her numbers were all good.
Then came the really scary part. The nurse told me that she had to sit Donna up in a big padded chair. I left and she told me I should help because I might have to be doing things like this when Donna comes home. After a few minutes, I went back and helped the nurse and another big male nurse.
They were supposed to leave her in that sitting position for as long as she could stand it,maybe a half an hour. As it turned out, she sat there for over an hour and seemed to feel better after we put her back in the bed.
She didn't get dialysis today but will tomorrow. I'm going to start helping turn her and all the rest. I was always afraid I would hurt her but I know, as long as I am careful, it'll be all right.
I need to find a good hospital type bed for her for when she comes home. It sure is long here at night.
Thank all of you folks for your comments of encouragement and your prayers. We love you for them.
Always your friends, Jim and Donna Lee...

Thanks are in order to all of you who prayed for a good result from the MRI brain scan! I got the final results today and there is NO EVIDENCE OF A STROKE! 'Yay!'
Doctor Brussett came in and I told him about the results (I think he already knew) and he said, "See, like I told you,-just stick to your guns."
What a relief this is. Now we just keep on doing what we are doing and, one of these days, I'll be taking my Honey home!

She is off of all her meds except for an antibiotic for her bed rash and a saline drip. She may be transferred to a re-hab hospital in a week or so. That is a very good sign.

She was getting ready to have a dialysis when I left. Thank all of you for your love and support. We love you and I know God loves you.
Your friends, Jim and Donna Lee.


<Donna was some relaxed this morning. Her numbers were good and she didn't need dialysis yesterday. I played a new CD for her and I think she enjoyed it.

I sat in on the 'rounds' and the doctor showed the MRI of Donnas' brain. It didn't show anything bad that anyone could tell. One fellow pointed at a small triangular area and said that could be a compromising spot but he would wait for the main examiner to say.
Doctor Bartolo showed the scan to me up close and said he didn't see anything wrong at all.
Dr Hari said he didn't see anything bad that would cause a stroke.
A technician came in later and did an EEG (electroencephalograph). We should get the results of everything tomorrow. I'll let you all know.
Keep praying for her. We love you. Jim and Donna Lee.

Donna looked about the same today but her numbers were a bit better. They were good enough so she didn't need a dialysis today. That's a good sign.
A neurologist examined her last night and said she may have had a stroke. The MRI will show it if that is what happened.

Doctor Hari came in and we talked. I suggested to him that Donna might have suffered a slipped disc in her neck vertebrae.
He said he was glad I kept trying to come up with something but he doubted that was what happened.
He thinks it is as the result of the extreme trauma and pain that the brain shuts down the body. There is a name for it but it was so long I don't remember it. He said he doubts the MRI will show a stroke. I sure hope he is right.
He said, if what he suggested is right, it will just take time for Donnas' brain to allow her body to start up again. He says to just keep doing what we're doing and be patient. I thanked him and shook his hand for that opinion.
I played music for her part of the day and shut it off when she drifted off to sleep.
It sure is quiet in this house. I never realized how many sounds my Honey made.
Thank all of you,-we love you. Jim and Donna Lee...

I guess it's time to start a new post.

Donna looked a little bit more relaxed today. I think she is getting more pain medication. The MRI still wasn't done due to accident victims coming in. Her MRI isn't something that is crucial. She was getting a dialysis when I left.
There is a new male nurse and I don't think he fully knows the routine with Donnas care. I had to remind him today to turn her and clean her mouth. I hope we don't have words but I can't keep from saying something when something needs to be done.
Her numbers are still good. I took a new cd and played it for her and I exercised her some.
She seems to get a little better each day but it is such a small bit, you'd have to be there every day to see the improvement.
Some guy asked me if I ever went home and I told him that I am at home,-anywhere my Honey is is home.
Please keep praying for her. I know she will make it but it is sure getting to be a long time for her. Thank you all so much for your support. We love you. Always your friends, Jim and Donna Lee...


Blogger Grizzly Mama said...

CA - I'm glad that you took some music for her to hear. Does she like to be read to? I have heard that people in a comatose state hear everything. She knows that you are there even if she can't communicate it right now.

More prayers going up - for BOTH of you!

8:25 PM  
Blogger jel said...

thoughts and prayers from here too!


6:34 PM  
Blogger CA said...

Thanks, folks. Love...

7:33 PM  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

Hugs to you both and yes read to her if she has a favorite book to hear. I have heard the same things as Grizzly Mama.. Talk to her loads but you already do that. Take care..

6:07 AM  
Blogger jel said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! that's great news :)

8:31 PM  

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