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Monday, June 22, 2009

Promise Me You'll Always Be My Friend...

Here is another poem. I wrote this one only a couple of months ago. I hope you enjoy it.

I cannot stay beside you,- on such a night as this.
A night when every star is in your eyes,
And beckons me to lie with you, and this I cannot do,
Although my heart does soar up to the skies.

Your blood red lips entice me; they softly call my name
And whisper words of love into my ear,-
But I can find no reason; none that is good enough,
That I forsake the one my heart holds dear.

For we were once two precious friends, (that now seems far away)
And walked together; warm then was your touch
But only then as a true friend, your countenance was fair;
I loved you then enough, but not too much.

I came upon a sight one day, of you and someone else
And when I looked at her my heart was fast.
You told me this girl was your friend; would be forever more!
I knew then I had found my love at last.

You followed close behind us as we two walked down the aisle
And bound our souls together with a vow,
And you were always there with us when'er we needed you.
If love came hard for us, you showed us how.

Then came the time when all was not the same as once it was.
I saw a change come over my sweet girl;
I watched her now and saw her loving eyes begin to dim.
The time had come when she would leave this world.

I just could not admit it,-I'd lose the one I love.
But you were there to help me through the pain.
I wept tears though I tried not to; I couldn't hold them back;
You told me then our loss was Heavens gain.

So now there's just the two of us where three of us had been;
A year has passed since we said our goodbyes
And you could be my lover now instead of just a friend;
You feel that now,-I see it in your eyes.

But I know now that I can never really let her go;
Her love and mem'ry I have locked within.
Please say I'm wrong in thinking that you want to take her place;
But promise me you'll always be my friend.



Blogger tweetey30 said...

Goosebumps as I read this CA. Thanks for sharing. I dont remember who told me this but they said when you get goosebumps like that its true.. Or something like that..

1:36 PM  

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