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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Death of a Legend...

This is truly the end of an era...Ed McBain died today. Ed McBain, writer extraordinaire, story teller par excellence, the creator of "Precinct 87," the most absorbing and entertaining collection of cop stories of which I have ever had the pleasure of reading and listening.

For the 16 years preceeding my retirement in 2002, I drove my truck over the same route five days a week, through valleys and over mountains, on open highways and through dense traffic, from northern California to Medford, Oregon and back.

When I first started driving this route, it was thoroughly enjoyable and pleasant. The highway was four lane and bordered on both sides by green trees and shrubbery. Often deer and coyotes and, even sometimes bears and mountain lions (and a few Bob-cats) were seen along the route.

The trip started on a flat, straight highway but quickly ran into hills then mountains, over steep mountain passes that were a challenge in the winter months. The route followed the Sacramento River and was a pleasant drive for the first year or so.

Then, after a while,like any good truck driver,I got used to looking at this beauty and began to be bored with the same trip, day after day.

Then came Ed McBain! A friend suggested I start listening to books on tape and recommended Ed McBain books. I tried one out and quickly became a disciple of the consumate cop novel writer, the daddy of the 87th precinct.

I could extoll his virtues for any length of time and space but, for the sake of brevity, will only say: "To listen to a story about the adventures of the 87th precinct is an experience you will always remember. Try it-you'll like it!" Thank you, Mr McBain, you will be missed!


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