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Friday, July 08, 2005

What If We Spent Half As Much Time...

writing to our leaders as we do in our blogs

Here is a piece I wrote and sent to the president and vice president. It took about seven minutes to think up and write and 1.3 seconds to send

"Mr. President:

With all due respect, it is time you acted with all haste to put an end to Islamic terrorism in this country and the world. As leader of the mightiest Nation on Earth, it is your responsibility to stop the spread of terrorism.

As you and I both know, all of Islam is responsible for the continuing reign of terror around the world. All muslims must be held responsible for these acts of murder and terrorist activities around the world. There is now an islamic jihad being carried out around the world and all muslims are involved in it.

We should, immediately, completely occupy Iraq and should start to eliminate Islam from the world. Muslims are led by people who hate Christians and Jews by order of their Koran. They will continue to kill us as long as they exist.

Please read the history of Islam so you will see for yourself Islam is an evil idealogy, not a religion, and is intent on enslaving the world.
Please act as if this is as serious as it really is. Stop procrastinating. You need to act immediately. Your lack of concern for this Nation has already done harm to us by allowing the price of oil to triple in the last few months.
As an example; check and see how much financial aid this country gives to Nigeria while allowing that nation to gouge us on the price of oil.

Please wake up, Mr. President, and do the right things for this Nation and the world!

Red Bluff, Ca 96080

If you agree with me, copy and paste this and send it. If you don't fully agree, write your own and send it. Put in your own names. I'll send one each to my representatives and senators, too.

It might not do any good if I send it, but it certainly won't do any good if I don't send it!


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