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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

President Cheney...An Open Letter...

Below is a copy of an e-mail I sent to the Presidential Comments, the Vice President, my senator and my representative. 'Hint-Hint' -In case anyone is interested and just don't know what to say.

Day before yesterday I went to Modesto to see a sister who had come there from Texas-she isn't in good health and I wanted to assure myself of seeing her at least one more time in this life. It is 215 miles there (430 miles roundtrip) My wife had the car in Redding where she goes every day to be with our son who is dying of cancer(any day now) so I had to take the pickup. Fuel for the trip cost over 80 bucks. How ridiculous is that? Last year it would have been about 35 or so bucks.

Now I notice some of the news agencies are reporting the price of gas now and including the higher price in places like Sweden and anywhere else it is higher. That's supposed to make the terroristic rise in oil prices all right. And you know what?,- many people are such sheep they agree we still aren't paying enough. For those stupid people I say, "Then maybe we should also be ruled by a priest or Imam or some other religious potentate or a king or dictator (just like the rest of them!)."

Here is the e-mail, for what it's worth. If you agree, copy and paste it and send it to the same places I did.

And whatever your reps and senators addresses are.

Mr President,

With all due respect, you should remove yourself from the Office of the President and have Vice President Cheney replace you. You are doing nothing to alleviate the surging and cripling rise of the price of oil and it is killing our Nation.

You do not seem to know how to act in your capacity as President for the betterment of our Nation. You are doing nothing to stop the illegal immigration of people from Mexico and your actions in Iraq, while started for a grand reason, are no longer effective and are now counter productive. Any other president would have by now put enough soldiers in Iraq to completely subdue the people who are killing our troops.

You seem not to know the value of the veto and are allowing this Nation to get so far into debt as to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

I will not try to give you advice on how to solve these problems; I'm sure you fully understand what to do to make us again well and secure. You just seem not to be willing to do the things that are needed.

I voted for you twice. I really regret having voted for you the second time. I know Mr Cheney would do the right thing to heal this Nation.Please allow him to assume the Presidency while there is still time.
With all due respect,

XXXXXXXXXXXXX-A true Republican
Red Bluff, Ca. 96080



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