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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'll even make a deal on pickup and trailer together. It's a 2003 3/4 ton Dodge-four door-5 speed with a Jake brake-5.9 liter Cummins diesel engine. Power windows, door locks, etc. 34,000 miles (just getting broke in) Like new. @41,000 bucks for both and I'll deliver.(if it's not too far or snowy) Posted by Picasa


Blogger Kermit said...


I'm glad I didn't lose you. I'll get linked to this site when I get longer than 45 seconds at the computer!

Love the truck and trailer, but right now I'm not sure that I can put together $4.10! Reminds me of oilfield. I had a '62 Ford pick up of my own and bought a 32', 2 axle camp trailer in Midland. The Silly Goose towed it back to kermit with the old (only by a couple of years at that time) Plymouth sedan. She had never pulled a trailer of any size with anything before! Claims that she almost lost it coming down off the hill at NoTrees!

Me and the pickup were tending to a drilling rig down South of Ft, Stockton.

Yeah, I'm with you! we should have been drilling ANWAR 15 years ago.

Glad to find you again,


2:51 PM  
Blogger CA said...

It's good to hear from you Kermit...'rebbitt'...

I was from Odessa. I think I already told you. I worked for JH Marks, B&B Construction, E L Farmer and others.
(not $4.10...it's $41.00)'yuk'

4:37 PM  

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