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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

RFK,JR and Pat Robertson!...What a Team...

The late Robert F, Kennedy, the brother of a truly great president, John F Kennedy and former Attorney General, is probably turning over in his grave right now after reading this latest report written by his son, RFK,jr.

Mr. Kennedy has, in typical liberal Democrat fashion, placed the blame for the hurricane Katrina on, not only a Republican,(Mississippi Governor, Haley Barbour) but God and his messenger as well. (I guess Pat Robertson, being a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, can be considered a messenger of God)

Some time back, before Mr Barbour was Governor of Mississippi, he was instrumental in the decision of this country to not join the Kyoto Protocol, a world emission control aggreement that had the US (the US and a trillion world cows) as the almost sole culprit for the release of co2 gasses that were allegedly destroying the Earths' ozone layer and causing global warming.

Then, sometime later, God's messenger, the Minister Pat Robertson, suggested (according to RFK,jr) that God might punish states that offended Him (by not going along with the Kyoto Protocol, I assume) so now, seeing as how Haley Barbour (Gods' offender) is the Governor of the state of Mississippi, He (God) would divert the worse part of the Hurricane Katrinas' 'flailings'(JFKs word) from New Orleans to the coast of Mississippi. And you can see what happened. Scary, ain't it!

I tell you, folks, JFK jr must have gotten his education at the Hope, Arkansas School of Idiocy! You know, where Bill Clinton got his.

I've seen some lame excuses for the weather but nothing that even comes close to being as stupid as this! I have to wonder if Mr. Kennedy,jr was loaded on something or what when he wrote this little tidbit of wisdom!

One thing for sure that I know is, when I write to Pat Robertson and ask him if what JFK,jr wrote about him is true, and if Pat says, yes it is, I'm gonna nominate Pat to be not only our next President, but our permanent President! I think, anyone that has the right ear of God, and can get Him to destroy entire coastlines of this Country just by suggesting it, could also take away any danger toward us from the rest of the world.

Just think how wonderful it will be to say to Pat Robertson, "Pat, please ask the Big Guy if he will keep the temperature of Red Bluff below 90 degrees from now on. 78 degrees would be great for a year around temp! My wife can't stand the heat and Chico the Wonder Dog hates the cold. Thanks, Pat, and thank the Big Guy for me!" Later...


Blogger Kermit said...

One of the problems with being the King of Ireland, like back around the time when St. Patrick was still a gleam in his parent's eye, was that the king was responsible for everything. If the crops failed... The winter was too cold... Famine struck the land... et cetera. It was the King's fault for not having enough stroke with the earth spirits, gods, whatever the various high priests were serving up that year. And guess what? The king would get replaced!

Perhaps this is a genetic anomoly that is surfacing in the Kennedy family.

Or maybe it's an anccient virus that has been released from the soils due to conditions brought about by global warming. The people this virus attacks become Moonbats.

Would somebody please alert the
World Health Organization at the U.(useless)N.



10:14 AM  
Blogger CA said...

10-4 on the Moonbat Virus! (a little trucker lingo)

I went to Merriam-Webster with 'moonbat' just out of curiosity and it referred me to the Thesaurus just below which suggested 'numbed'. So I went to 'numbed' and it suggested 'dull' so I looked it up.

Dull: 'causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest...

So, evidently you're right on with "Moonbat" for Mr. Kennedy! Good work!

11:27 AM  
Blogger sandy said...

Ah Ha, just as I thought. A Republican must be guilty for all the disasters that strike America.

If you can't blame Bush then you have to go to the next Rebublican in line.

It also proves stupidity is inherited from your family as in (kennedy).

And what makes JF Kennedy the greatest President ever? I thought it was Truman. Unless you consider boinking MM as greatness.

1:14 PM  
Blogger CA said...

A Republican Christian that is.

Not the greatest president but a truly great president. However, boinking MM is a really great reason for being considered 'Really Great!'

Reagan was the greatest.

2:14 PM  
Blogger echotig said...

I vote Reagan too.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Brooklyn Blowhard said...

Robert Kennedy jr. is disturbed. I've read a lot of his crap, and like his Uncle Ted, he's another "Fredo" of the Kennedy clan.

11:37 PM  

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