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Thursday, September 01, 2005

United States...The Greatest Nation In History...then why

do things like this, raping and beating disaster victims happen? And what should we do about it? Should we shrug it off as if it were something to be expected in a disaster situation?

How about the looting that is going on...should we just say, "The looters are just good people like you and me and it'll be all right after this disaster's over?

Let me ask you something; Does it matter who these people are? Should we try to figure out how to keep this from happening in the future? How would we do that?

Maybe we could see specifically who the most are who are looting and next time watch for people like that. 'WHOA'!!!

That sounds like profiling!! We can't do that; it would hurt someones' feelings! (Never mind it might save some lives and property)

And besides, we already know it was all Arab Muslims who killed over three thousand innocent people on 9/11 a few years ago and we aren't allowed to 'profile' them so it wouldn't be right to profile the looters, beaters and rapers, would it?

I'll tell you what we can do. We can authorize our police to shoot to kill all terrorists, looters, beaters and rapers on sight. Now that would be fair to everybody and it wouldn't offend anyone. We wouldn't have Jackson, Sharpton, the American Nazi Party, Unwed Mothers For More Welfare, and the American Arab League on us because we would be taking care of things when they happen without having to 'profile' anyone.

"We can't do that-it would be unconstitutional!"
How the hell do you figure? I recall some riots a few years back where the rioters and looters beat people to death then proceeded to completely destroy their own neighborhoods before they could be stopped. And many of them got away with it! I suppose that's constitutional!

These people need to be stopped; period! And if you don't agree, then come up with anything else that will work! 'Good Luck!'



Blogger echotig said...

Looters should be shot on sight. Its the Texan way. People that take advantage of others at times like these are the lowest of the low. Imagine, if it was standard procedure to shoot a looter, how many people would be looting? Less than now I bet.
But we know that will never happen.

6:45 PM  
Blogger CA said...

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6:35 PM  

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