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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Some Common Sense For Black Americans...

There is an article in the blog of Craig DeLuzwhich describes two photos of people who have food that came from a grocery store.The caption of each picture describes the people in the pictures. The one of the black man says he is a 'looter'. The one with the white man and woman says they found the food floating in the water and are 'finders'.

Mr. Craig presents the reporter as a racist who calls the black man a looter only because he is black and the white people only finders because they are white.

I'm sure Mr. Craig, having checked on these two separate articles by now, knows that is a lie. He knows that each reporter reported exactly what he saw and knows to be true. Someone put the photos together either accidently, without considering what they might suggest or some racist did it purposely to get exactly that effect. So if Mr. Craig reports this as fact when he knows it is a lie, doesn't that make Mr. Craig a lying racist? How about it, Mr. Craig?

Now my common sense advice for Mr. Craig and every other black American is this:

"Stop being ashamed of being black (There's nothing wrong with being black, it's how you were born) and stop wanting to be white. That'll never happen and, even if it did, you would still be the same person you are proving yourself to be, either good or bad, right now."



Blogger CA said...

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6:26 PM  
Blogger Craig DeLuz said...

I'm not ashamed of being Black! Far from it as a matter of fact. I am quite proud of being a child of God, an American, a father and husband, a Republican and yes a Black man.

This piece was to serve as an example of how "culturally sensitive" the liberal media really is (or rather isn't). I do link to the Salon.com article explaining what happened. Although I don't know that I buy their explanation.

The funniest part of the whole story is that the Black community is going after the media like it was the Republicans who were behind it.

Katrina has stirred up a hornets nest when it comes to race in America. Check out the running discussion ensued on my blog when I asked my readers “Does Race Matter?”

9:22 PM  

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