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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

OK, You Asked For It...

Dominant Personality: Grace

Good Traits: You're very dancer-like in your
step. You're light-hearted, and smile often.
You probably have a lot of distant friends.

Bad Traits: You don't take anyone or
anything seriously. It's not all fun and games.

People see you as: Happy, unaware, and
unnerved. You try and hide your emotions
because you think you always have to be
cheerful. There's appropriate times to show
emotion, and people may think you're uncaring.

You're Most Like: Innocence. You both have a
childlike purity. The difference is that you
aren't as bubbly, and tend to be more
artistically inclined.

You Need More: Protected. Don't open up so
easily to people. Not everyone can be trusted.

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I know!...I Know...I didn't believe it either!



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