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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Merry Christmas...

Christmas=Christ's Mas(s)

Boy, what a controversial subject for a holiday that represents the birth of Jesus the Christ, the saviour of all non-Jewish folks.

For some it is a time of worship and thanksgiving (in addition to turkey day).
For others it is a time to exchange gifts and drink hot toddies.
And for yet others, it represents nothing.

I wonder how many have actually researched 'Christmas.' It's something to think about.
Where did this Blessed Holiday get its name! More than that, what does the name mean?

Well, guess what- you got it! I looked it up and this is what I came up with.

Christ represents, of course, Jesus. 'Christ' means, Anointed or redeemer.

From here it gets a little fuzzier. "Mass", has a bunch of meanings. For instance:

"Mass is a property of physical objects that, roughly speaking, measures the amount of matter they contain.

Strictly speaking, there are three different quantities called mass:

1. Inertial mass is a measure of an object's inertia: its resistance to changing its state of motion when a force is applied.
2. Passive gravitational mass is a measure of the strength of an object's interaction with the gravitational field, ie, an object with a smaller passive gravitational mass experiences a smaller force than an object with a larger passive gravitational mass.
3. Active gravitational mass is a measure of the strength of the gravitational field due to a particular object.

Well, there you have it. These are the three first definitions for the word,"mass".

I guess if we looked at these definitions or, 'terms', we could come up with something that makes sense.

First: Inertial mass could mean we are moving rapidly (or slowly, depending on our age, condition and upbringing)toward (or away from) the Anointed's birth celebration.
Get it? Mass=Inertia and Christ=Anointed. -MassAnnointed - or the other way around-AnointedMass.

Or second: Passive Mass could mean that a fatter guy (or gal or child) would be headed toward (or away from) the mass faster than a skinny guy.(or gal or child) Makes sense to me.

Or three: Some power has to know whether or not you're a Dumbo or a Twiggy (some entity keeps track of how much candy and other fat producing garbage we put away-or don't) before that power can figure out how strong of a pull or push (depending on whether you're coming or going)to put on your body.

There. I think that pretty well explains what Christmas(s) means.

Or you can click on "For other senses of this word, see mass (disambiguation) and do it the easy way. All you'll find there, though, is:

"Mass (liturgy), the primary worship service of some Christian churches," or;

The masses (or hoi polloi), usually meaning common, working-class people,"

and who'd believe that when we already have a logical explanation for the AnointedMass Holidays!
And who wants to be one of the 'hoi-polloi'. I, for one, am not one of the-'ugh'-common, working class people. I'm retired and proud of it!


PS...Have a nice AnointedMass!


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