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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Life As It Was...

This is my Grandfather Johnson and Grandmother Johnson. This was taken about 1916 or so. My Mother is on the right of the photo. She looks to be about 10 years old here.

Grandpa was a striking figure in those days and Grandma was a pretty woman.

I have heard two stories about this trip they were on. One was they were on their way from Alabama to Texas.

The other story, and probably the right one, is they were on their way from somewhere in East Texas to somewhere in South Texas. At any rate, it looks like a great trip. It took some skill to handle a team of Mules and a wagon. And even more skill to handle a bunch of kids.

My mother was the eldest of nine kids and she took her turn helping to raise them. Eight of them, that is. One girl died at the age of 10. What a life it was!



Blogger bigwhitehat said...


What a way to travel. That kind of living brought out the tough in people.

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