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Friday, February 10, 2006

Grandpa and Uncle Bert...

This is a tintype taken of my Grandfather, Alvha (Ab) and his twin brother, Albert. (Bert) To the other sides of the families respectively, they were Uncle Ab and Uncle Bert.

I really enjoy looking back at family history. This picture was taken about 1894 at their age of about 10 years. Grandpa, the boy on the right, grew to be about six feet or so tall and Uncle Bert grew to about five foot eight.

Grandpa and Grandma were general workers as they were growing and they lived in California off and on as Texas 'Okies', picking fruit and cotton and doing a lot of other things to earn a living. Grandpa and Grandma spent a lot of time at Uncle Bert's Ranch and Uncle Bert's son, Uncle LB's ranch in New Mexico.

Their youngest daughter, my Aunt Maudie, stayed with them until she was in her late teens. Neither Grandpa or Grandma drove a car and Aunt Maudie drove for them. I remember their last car was a maroon 1936 Plymouth 4 door sedan.

Grandma always shaved Grandpa or he went to a barber for a shave. He may have shaved himself but I never saw him do it.

Uncle Bert started in the cattle business as his kids were coming along. They had ranches in West Texas and New Mexico.

One of his sons was a state cattle inspector in New Mexico. Another still runs a cattle ranch (he might be retired by now) called 'Bent Spur Cattle and Oil Company' or something like that in Arkansas.

More on Grandpa and Grandma later. 'What a long time ago that was...'


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