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Friday, April 20, 2007

Today Is Another Day...

in the lives of us two music loving people; i.e., Mi Espousa (a little Mex lingo there) and me. We are starting an 'every Friday' gig playing at the Frontier Senior Center in Anderson.

Last year we played music for the Shasta Country Senior Nutrition Center just east of Redding for one and sometimes two days a week, but, due to the extreme increase of the price of gasoline, it was costing us almost eighteen bucks a day for each trip over there and back, and all for the thrill of feeling good about entertaining a bunch of old people who couldn't afford to feed the kitty we counted on to help pay for the cost of our gas, and a $2.50 meal apiece.

...hmmm..let's see, now...36 bucks minus the 10 dollar value of the 'free' meals leaves right at 26 dollars we paid for doing that charity work.

Anyhow, we had to stop that one even though we really enjoyed it and had a great following.

So, today we play at the center in Anderson (that'll be every Friday) and yesterday we started playing for the old folks at the Tehama County Community Center (that'll be the first and third Thursdays of each month) and we have a paying job playing for the Red Hats, a club of ladies, at the Moose Lodge; and the entertainment director at an assisted living complex wants us to play there an hour a day, maybe a day or two a week. (or month, I don't know which yet) And that is a paying job.

Donna wants to move to Nashville or NYC; somewhere where the action is! (In case we get 'discovered') But I told her not to start packing yet,that maybe we should actually play some music first, just in case! I sure wish Chico the Wonder Dog was here now. He was always so knowledgeable about complicated things like this. Oh, well.

Check back...



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