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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Sound of Music...

Within these walls is definitely the "Sound of Music." And it's great!

Mi Espousa, La Donna, (a little Mex lingo there) and I are now the purveyors of mucho musica (a bit more Mex lingo here) at two different Senior Citizen Nutrition Centers in our area. One is the Tehama County Senior Center here in Red Bluff, Tehama County, and the other is the Frontier Hall in Anderson which is in Shasta County.

We, using our Band in a Box musical application running through our lap-top computer, (which is amplified through a PA system) play music from @10:15 AM to @12:00 noon every first, third and fourth Friday at Anderson and every 1st and 3rd Thursdays here in Red Bluff; same hours.

These musical productions are free gratis since the centers are primarily for low and fixed income older folks (of which, too, are we) so we do not charge for our services; they are charity. But, and this is a biggee, we get tips from our elders for our performances (the cumulated tips already approach a hundred bucks +-) and we each are given a free lunch with a combined value of five big ones!

That is the fun part. Now for the really biggee!

We stopped at an assisted living complex and inquired about a job there at some date and were hired to play a gig on a Wednesday in June for an hour for--are you ready for this?--fifty smackers! 'Voila' And a couple of days ago, the same lady from that assisted living center called and axed if we would, also, play for her oldsters on Memorial Day! 'Wow'! Is this a trip or what??!!?? We're really going big time!

And (are you ready for this) A lady heard us play at the Tehama (Red Bluff) center and told a friend of hers about us and that lady, the leader of a Womens' club, called and axed me if Mi Espousa, La Donna (a little more Mex lingo here) and I would consider playing for an hour for her group at the Moose Lodge on a date this month! And she agreed to pay us for our services! Boy, are we headed out or what?
I mean, you know, our income from the paying jobs alone will be in excess of a hundred and some many bucks! Whoa!!!
And after our second appearance, there wasn't enough room in the hall for everybody so many of them had to wait outside!

Donna wants to begin planning our move to Nashville (or NYC or LA, whichever branch of whatever recording company calls and insists on recording our music)but I suggested to her we should wait at least until we actually played some music more than a couple of times. You know, word of mouth travels not too Swiftly (no offense intended to John Kerry) sometimes.

I can't help but share some of her ardor, though. In my minds' eye, I can just see Chico the Wonder Dog look at me (dogs have to 'look at' you because, as we all know, dogs can't talk) "You know, I can sing some, too." Now wouldn't that be great; a trio consisting of Donna, me and Chico the Wonder Dog! A captivating, albeit impossible, dream!

I'd better cut this short and start working on our twenty or so songs for the Moose Lodge affair since there are only four days and four and a half hours to go for that one! I'll get back to you with an up-date on a later post.

Hmmmm....Hmmmm....da-ti-da-ti-dum-dum-de-da!!!(The Sound of Music!...)



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