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Monday, November 26, 2007

You Just Never Know...

I hate to admit it, but I have been having trouble with my internet connection. It's an ATT,-sbc,_yahoo (etc) dsl line and is supposed to give me 512 kbps upload and 3 mbps download and it did pretty close to that until a short while back.

I got up one morning and, as usual, turned on my pc and proceeded to 'surf the net.' At least, I tried to. My connection was so slow it was like having a 33 modem again. (or is that a 36k?)I didn't get to the first wave of the net, much less, surf it! Bummer!

Anyhow, I knew something was wrong so, like any good pc person, I reset my modem and tried again. Still no go, so I disconnected my entire network,(2 pcs and a laptop) and reset everything. Nothing!

Well, that did it! Now I had only one alternative and that was what I did! I saved everything of any worth to my external hard drive and re-did my entire computer-made it just like it came from the factory! Now my dsl would take off like a jet plane! 'oops' I know you're not going to believe this but, that didn't help a bit!

Now this was a quandary. I had never failed before. (Not in a while, anyhow) Now there were only two more options. I could call a technician or kill myself.What a choice to have to make. After mulling this over for some time (three seconds is 'some' time)I decided on the former rather than the latter.

When I reached the technician, we went through every conceivable option with my pc and dsl connection and nothing made things any better. I assured her that everything was all right in my connection setup and it had to be in the outside line. Then she said there was only one thing left to do and that was to send a technician to my home to check everything out. I said OK and thought we were set to go. Then she said something that caused my blood to run cold.

She said if the problem was with the outside line, there would be no charge but if it turned out to be inside the house, something wrong with the pc, modem hookup, or etc, it would cost me 60 bucks an hour!

I explained to her that I was old and sickly and barely squeaked by on a paltry social security income and could never afford 60 dollars. She assured me it would probably be from something outside and wouldn't cost me anything. I reluctantly gave in and agreed to a technician in my home.

As I sat in my computer chair, stunned by the idea that I might have to pay out money that I really needed for really important things (you know; guitar strings, polish breakfast sausage, and stuff like that) a weird thing happened. I felt myself grow spacey, as if going into a
stuporus trance. Then my spirit came to my assistance. I guess it was my spirit.

Out of my existence, something axed me if I could have made a mistake about everything being all right with my hookup. My existence assured me that this is what Chico the Wonder Dog would ax (look at me, you know, 'cause dogs can't talk) Now, if I hadn't already been in a stupor, I'da gone into one at this suggestion. Then I thought, what the hey; if this is what Chico the Wonder Dog would have axed me, maybe there is something to it.

To make a long story short, I took a brand new telephone line I had and hooked it up direct from the phone outlet to my modem and this son of a gun'in modem and pc almost jumped off the desk! What a dog! Even dead he's smarter than some people!

Well, there it is, for the long and the short of it. You just never know when you might not know everything! Yes, it's hard to conceive of or believe. That's the way it happened and you can do with it what you will!



Blogger tweetey30 said...

We have AT&T here too and I hate having them really. I mean they told us if we would have cancelled in the first year they would have charged us a hundred bucks for leaving our contract. Yikes.

9:00 AM  

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