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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Worse Than Murder-Worse Than Rape...

THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! or,-uh..ummm..-whatever..

There's a roar from the crowd,-laughter and etc...

"We're not gonna show that,!" says Gumbel. "It's too horrible!"

"Right," agrees Collingsworth, "Why do things like this have to happen? It's too terrible!"
Why can't people just enjoy a football game without having to put up with horrible, terrible things like this?"

Gumbel and Collingsworth continue to mumble about the horrible, terrible, frightening and completely unacceptable situation that just occurred and which was quickly censored out, making sure no one in the audience of several trillion people worldwide would see it! It had to be worse than murder or rape; Law and Order or any of 15,000 prime time TV programs that show rapes, murders and pocket pickings that are shown to us every day.

I Had just turned away from the game for a split second and now was wondering what the awful thing was that had just happened; something so bad it couldn't be shown on TV. I should have been glad I didn't see it, whatever it was.
Then, after making sure no one in the world had gotten more than a fleeting glance at the terrible thing that happened on the field, Collingsworth let it slip and I realized what it was that happened that was so terrible, so gross, so horrible it had to be blocked from the whole world, from all who were watching the game on TV at that time!

Know what it was? Guess. - OK, here it is: A fan had actually run onto the playing field and tried to tackle a player! My gosh, could anything have happened that would be worse than that? He was hustled off the field before he could injure the 370 pound tackle or the 332 pound right guard or any of the other, bigger giggling players!

Boy, was that a close call? LOL ROTF LingMAO



Blogger bigwhitehat said...

This is why neither of those two should be announcing. If they changed the booth talent, NFL network would triple the ratings.

Collingsworth actually put down the Chicago defense when Chicago had the ball on 2nd down. He is little more than a trash talker.

Hey, watch the Dallas Detroit game. Kitna has half of the Cowboys defense out for blood.

8:45 PM  
Blogger CA said...

Yeah, I'm not crazy about either of them either. Gumbel's brother is a nice guy but this guy is the pits!

I'll try to watch the Dallas-Detroit game.Who are you betting on? 'yuk'-just kidding!

9:19 PM  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

They will never learn will they?? LOL.. This was funny. Oh boy. I just dont know what to say because I am laughign so hard right now..

7:45 AM  

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